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I get it. Some days it feels like a full-time job to keep your social feeds on point, but it doesn’t need to be. Download my tips on how to simplify your efforts and start confidently sharing your story.

I’m Karine

Your business &
brand ass-kicker

Yep. It’s true, you need your butt kicked, and I’m going to be the one to do it. I’ve been working with entrepreneurs for nearly a decade, and while I may be sweet, I don’t sugar coat things. I’ll drop truth bombs on your business ideas, help you get real about your brand and make sure you finally pick a damn lane.

When I’m not spittin’ truths in my office at The Co. Lab, you can find me pulling trucks or throwing a cup of java back in a favourite coffee shop because I’m convinced the bean gives me superpowers.

Oh, and just so we’re clear, when I’m done with you, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without me.

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Brand Strategies

Entrepreneurship is tough. You’re running in all kinds of directions, but often going nowhere fast. Let’s cut the BS and pick your lane so you can confidently run your business and make some real money.

Marketing &

There’s nobody quite like you and that’s your superpower. My team and I will help you uncover your brand’s story so you can become your competition's kryptonite and feel confident investing in your marketing strategy.

Talks &

I like to talk. And if you need someone to chat about personal branding, small biz or social, I’m your gal. I’ll wear a Superman t-shirt, spit truths you’re afraid to hear, and I’ll say inappropriate things. It'll be magical.

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What My Clients Say

Ms Beltempo | Slow Fashion Expert
Ms Beltempo | Slow Fashion Expert @msbeltempo
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Karine has the rare ability to help you discover your own potential and gives you the steps and confidence to start building a business and a brand that is true to YOU. After only a few hours of conversation, she completely changed the way I see my brand and future business. Now I am making more intentional and confident choices. Karine sees opportunity, then helps you take the steps to focus and build a business and brand that is truly serving your dreams and goals. She is brilliant!
Ryan & Ange | Nimble Web Co.
Ryan & Ange | Nimble Web
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Karine flipped our world upside down (in the best way). She helped us focus on what’s important and made sure we let go of what wasn’t. We started saying no to work that was no longer serving us, and we haven’t looked back. She was just what we needed to jumpstart our new concept, and head in the right direction.​
Farrah Renaud | Rooted Love
Farrah Renaud | Rooted Love@rootedloveflowers
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I am a better business owner today because of Karine's encouragement, feedback and advice. I love her honesty and continued support. I would highly recommend Karine's services to any business owner who wants to grow.
Sophie Goudreau | Realtor
Sophie Goudreau | Realtor@yourcornwallrealtor
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Wow. Karine really is an ass-kicker. She doesn’t beat around the bush, but I kind of like that about her. She helped me make sense of my personal brand, introduced me to the Nimble Web Co. team to build my website and made me realize that I’m best to put my authentic self forward to build lasting business relationships.
Emily & Tracy | OBO studios
Emily & Tracy | OBO studios@obostudios
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We accomplished more with Karine in the last few months than we have in the last 7 years of our business! She’s helped us simplify our processes, made sure we focused in on our messaging and made it easier to leverage social tools to share our story.​
Chelsea Malyon | Bend & Snap
Chelsea Malyon | Bend & Snap@bendandsnapbows
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What a great experience! Karine really allowed me to focus and strategize on what was important for my business! She encouraged me and motivated me, and I left our strategy session with a plan, and knew exactly where I was heading! She also took THE BEST photos for my website!

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