It’s awesome when you suck at life

20170315_222210Let me explain. It’s no secret that the last few months I’ve had a few setbacks. My back has been wonky, I’ve had some knee issues, my shoulder makes a funny rickety noise every now and again. On those days I struggle to perform the way I want to, and being able to go through my previous lifts is helpful in reminding me that there was a time I was winning at life. It was a hard truth for me to realize that I won’t always perform at one hundred percent. Some days, training is really tough. Not just physically, but mentally too. So having a collection of moments where I felt like I was on top of the world is a great reminder not to give up and trust the plan.

It’s a great way to track progress

Aside from having an opportunity to go back and reminisce about the days you kicked ass, it’s a great way to track progress. Maybe you’re working on better posture while you lift or perhaps you’re trying to beat a previous time on that metcon. Whatever it is that you’re trying to improve, having a library of your training is a great way to measure your progress, especially if like me, you do a lot of practice alone. Plus, what I like about it, is that I can get feedback from folks with more experience. While I wouldn’t take advice from just any wiener on the internet (trust me there’s a heap of winners just aching to give you their two cents), there are key people that I trust and I welcome their feedback. Which leads me to my final and most important point.


It’s a way of belonging to a community

IMG_20170815_205459_566When I started to train Strongman, there were no other women in my hometown practicing the sport. In fact, now that my one pal Danee, has recently shipped off to Kingston, I still am. (Side Note: Please follow her. Seriously. Her transformation is incredible!) I often trained with the boys who obviously were great to push me to that next level, but I found that I lacked a certain level of motivation because nothing I did was comparable to them. I never really knew if as a woman who trained Strongman, I was beginning to make enough progress to compete more seriously. The very first clip I ever shared was a yoke carry. I was really proud of my 400 lbs run back then, but I was nervous as hell to share it. Was my form right? Was 400 lbs something worth celebrating? Was I moving fast enough? Soon enough I realized none of that mattered. (Well it mattered in the sense that you need a proper form, and you should try to do the best you can, blah, blah, blah.) But when it came down to it, the important part was that I was now contributing to a conversation. Every time I added to my feed, I was asserting that I had a place in the sport, and when I started to connect with others in the same realm, I began to feel like I was a part of something. Before I knew it, I was connecting with some really amazing ladies who inspire me every single day. Their commitment to the sport, their nutrition, their training plans, encouraged me to continue doing the same. While I’m a believer that you need to be your number one motivator, I think it’s important to have positive and influential people in your corner. Even if from a distance, I know I can count on the support I need from my posse.

It’s easy to look at a feed and be annoyed by it if it’s something you’re just not into, but that’s the beauty of these social tools. If you’re not interested in the conversations that are taking place in your feed, you can unfollow and contribute to a discussion that excites you! And for those of you who are feeling anxious about sharing a little piece of your life through social, whether it be for sport, business or fun, I encourage you to give it a shot! Take baby steps and begin slowly having conversations about the things that inspire you. Before you know it, you’ll be surrounded by a tribe of people who will motivate you to stay the path and follow your aspirations.


Coffee Count: Another 10 points if you got through this one. Seriously, they’ll add up fast, and you’ll be thanking me when you get to keep that extra toonie in your pocket.


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