If you follow my Instagram feed, you may already know about my weekend of setting up my creative space. I have been living in this home for over 2 years now, and I have failed miserably at making use of the office. I kept telling myself that my space needed to perfect for it to be inspiring. That I needed the right colour palette and better pieces of furniture. Everything had to match perfectly if it was going to allow me to feel like it could serve its purpose. Girl, was I ever wrong. After waking up to snowmageddon on Saturday morning, I decided to put in the time and make do with the things I had. And while I entirely made a Winners run post set-up (#sorrynotsorry), the outcome of my mismatched space is genuinely terrific and here’s why:

I love everything in this room

The Super hero’s, the chair, the prints, the ugly trophy’s, Audrey. Everything in this room has a special place in my heart for one reason or another. They are items I have collected over the last several years from the people and places I love. From New York City to California. Montreal to Hoople Creek. Yogourt art from my favourite Bee and original pieces from great artists. Each and every little thing in here either has purpose or has sentimental value. I even went crazy on my IG feed and requested to print 53 of my favourite shots to make some sort of collage. Every corner of this room gives me a reason to smile, and that makes me so f@ck!ng happy!


It’s nothing like the rest of the house

I don’t know why I’ve always done things this way, but I’ve always decorated in a way that would suit everyone who could potentially enjoy the space. Everything seems so generic. I’m working on changing that in the rest of the house, but I didn’t want to do the same in this room. I’ve got Superman and Wonder Woman in one corner. Strongman trophies and medals in another. In between, there are love poems by Pablo Neruda and some of my favourite books like Things I Would Like to do with You and The Great Gatsby. It’s such a strange collection, but that doesn’t matter. It’s there just to fuel my fire. Nobody else’s. It’s my little bubble. My escape. And I’m okay with getting lost in the madness.


It’s already inspiring me


It’s been maybe 36 hours since I have set it up, and I’m already obsessed! I have been upstairs all day working on all kinds of things. I’ve managed to plan out my entire week for my Back to Basics Whole Food Challenge. (We’re already in week two by the way and the ladies are already killin’ it. So, if you’re not part of it…you totally missed out. 😉 ) I’ve communicated back and forth with someone on one client. I have planned out my training for the week, and now managed to wrap up this blog post! Did I mention that in between that I went to the flea market to pick up new records? I cooked brunch, prepped tomorrow’s lunch, made dinner AND did some laundry? Lies. I totally didn’t do laundry. Sigh. But I only need one pair of knickers for tomorrow, and one over the shoulder boulder holder should do it. So it’s fine. Totally fine. The point is I’m feeling organized and on the ball dammit! And that’s something to get excited about!


It took me a long time to make this happen. I’m fortunate to have my space, and I know that may not be the case for everyone. But I genuinely believe it is worth your time and effort to find a corner in your home to make yours. A corner to create. Maybe you just want to read or a space to listen to your favourite music. Julie London has been keeping me company through this entire post. She might not do it for you, but maybe Kanye will? I hate that guy but certainly won’t judge. Anyway, I just think it’s incredibly important to create a space that brings you joy. And if I have inspired only one of you to make an effort, I’ll be happy.

Coffee count: If you’re feeling motivated by this post +20. If not, -10. Just kidding. You made it through my rambling, so you at least get 5. Anyone actually keeping count? I hope so.


The Original Connexionista and lover of the bean.

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