It’s 6:59 pm and I promised myself that I would complete a blog post before bed tonight. To be clear, I’ve made this promise to myself every day since Sunday.  I wanted to share details of my experience at Latin Sparks, my latest competition, and I wanted to give all of you a recap on my first week at the bistro. Truth is, it didn’t take time to fill my schedule after I left the office. Tony has needed me a little more than expected and what I thought might be short shifts has quickly turned into full days. I kid you not, I considered using my vibrator to massage my feet. I have a lot of vibrators. I used to buy and sell ’em for a living, remember? Several have never even been touched, so I could totally commit one to my feet if I wanted to. Is this getting weird? Probably. But I’m totally weird. So, whatever.

IMG_20180613_203648_096I felt a little deflated today when I got home because it seemed that I didn’t accomplish much over the last few days. I’ve got a lot of little administrative tasks to handle for the blog launch, my back end gig for the bistro requires some attention, and I haven’t done any Strongman lifting since my last competition over a week ago. I thought that by getting home before 5 pm I would be all kinds of productive, but it turns out, the bistro life is kicking my butt. Every night I’ve sat at my computer and struggled to get through my to-do list. But just when I was feeling extra blah about my lack of energy while eating a Nutella toast over the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, I realized I don’t head back there until next Tuesday! For the next five days, I get to work from my home office, meet some incredible people to discuss some exciting opportunities, and I get to finally make my way to the Quirky Carrot in Alexandria to meet a friend for lunch. That only ties me up until Friday!


Now, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the bistro. Guys, I really like it! But part of the change was to be able to have some flexibility in my schedule and now I have it! So instead of feeling all deflated because I’m tired or because I’ve worked hard this week and my feet hurt or because I’m adjusting to my new schedule and I still don’t have it figured out yet, I’m going to wrap up this mini post and go enjoy some well-deserved downtime. Because tomorrow is another day, and there will be all kinds of time to catch up on the things that make my heart smile.

Now, excuse me. It’s time for a foot massage.


The Original Connexionista and lover of the bean.

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