It’s been ten weeks since I left the comfort of regular work. Walking in at 9 am and wrapping it up by 5 pm. The usual grind and what most find to be the easiest to manage when it comes to scheduling and of course budgeting. But as all of you know, it wasn’t working for me. I needed a change, and so I walked away from it all in hopes that shortly I would find my place and begin working a little more independently and creatively. I immediately started living the barista life over at Love Love Food a couple of shifts per week while I got it all figured out. Tony was able to use some of my skills to help get his new shop organized, and so I’ve spent some time working behind the scenes too. This work helped him out after the big move, and it allowed me to have some reliable work until I figured myself out. Now, that’s a loaded statement, because to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll ever really have myself figured out.

It wasn’t long after I made the announcement that I was leaving, I started receiving messages about different opportunities. I was tagged to different job posts, sent links to apply for very interesting roles, but nothing stood out for me. The goal was to focus on doing work that excited me and if I opted to try another similar position for the safety and security, not only would I be doing a disservice to the employer, but to me too. One particular Facebook message peaked my interest though, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to hear from this person. It was a very casual, “Hey, if you’re ever interested in working with our team, let us know!”. It took me all of five minutes to reply, and we decided to have a conversation in June once I had officially made the transition.

It was no surprise to me that after our very first chat I knew I wanted to join this team. The group spoke my language and understood my creative process. They also seemed genuinely interested in my work. The only problem? Since our initial chat, things had shifted, and they didn’t quite need me yet. We agreed to revisit and stay in touch. To say that I was bummed out when I left would be a serious understatement. I may have sulked the rest of the evening, but I quickly needed to refocus and remember that I needed to continue working on me. So, I focused on the blog. I quoted projects. I continued to hustle. There was no telling when and if they would ever need me, and so I needed to stay the path and continue to focus on finding work that would excite me and bring me joy. Luckily, they stayed true to their word, and we stayed in touch.

A couple of weeks ago I was getting my regular eyelash fill done like the high maintenance pain in the ass that I am, and I was worried that I hadn’t heard my phone buzz in over an hour. If you’ve ever had lashes done, you’ll know that you need to keep your eyes closed for the entire session. The struggle is real if you’re getting this done in the middle of the day. Especially if you’re a girl, who’s working to figure her shit out and trying to get more work. It turns out my phone was on mute, and I had missed a few inappropriate meme shares and a couple of messages from the folks over at the cool workplace. Almost an hour had gone by since they had sent their messages, and I quickly replied that I could get there in a few minutes. A moment later they told me they were still there and to swing by if I had time. I made my way over to find out; it was time!

So, as of last Thursday, I’ve joined this new and exciting team to work on some fascinating stuff! Now, the work may not be impressive for you, but it’s the kind of creative work that makes me happy in my heart, and I promised myself I wouldn’t settle, so it’s a big deal for me. I’m still getting to know the crew, and I’m sure tight deadlines and my crazy schedule to make it all fit in will not come without its challenges, but I’m optimistic about all of it.

A few months ago I struggled to make sense of my work. I didn’t feel like I was reaching my potential and I needed a change. I made a step forward to change my circumstances, and I’m so freaking happy I did. I know they say if you ask the universe for what you want, it will answer, but I’ve always preferred this idea:

“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts – it gives you what you demand with your actions.” -Steve Maraboli

If there’s anything to take away from my ramblings today, it’s that you’re in charge. You’re in the driver’s seat. If you’re not happy, take the steps necessary to change your situation. This is a year of self-discovery for me, and I’m far from done with taking action, but this little fish is pretty excited about the opportunities in the big pond. 

Official news soon!

Are there areas of your life that need your attention? What actions are you taking to find more joy?


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