Who doesn’t love great stationery? If you’re anything like me, you’re collecting pretty notepads, humorous cards, and fancy writing tools to the point of obnoxious. I like the idea of having an assortment of things to go through when it’s time to write a particular note or send a greeting card. Of course, it’s easy to stop by the dollar store and grab a scribble pad and generic card, but have you ever received a truly personalized message in a carefully picked design just for you? It’s a lovely feeling to know someone took a little bit of extra time to show you some love. So, when Anick told me she was launching a subscription box for stationery from Canadian artists from the East to the West, I was thrilled!

Last week she messaged me to ask if I would be in the area. She had a special package for me, and if I was around, she wanted me to swing by to pick it up. I’ve been making a lot of stops to Alexandria lately, so after finding out that my trip to the Olde Bridge Place would need to be postponed, (insert sad emoji with tear), I jumped on the opportunity to head over to The Quirky Carrot to tackle my to-do list and of course to pick up my surprise!

It took everything for me not to open the box right then and there. But, I behaved and made the forty-five-minute trek home before tearing into it! (Delicately, of course!) From the very first moment I opened my package, it had Anick Bauer Design written all over it! The personalized box had her signature #WRITEON hashtag prominently displayed on the inside of the flap. I quickly noticed her graphic design skills all around and of course a note on the bottom back side of the box, “Thank you so much, now go write to someone.” That little note stuck a cord. It’s so easy to text someone a happy birthday or to write on their Facebook wall to congratulate them on a new promotion, but how often do we carve out some time to pen a thoughtful note? Oh, and can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that I’ve just rambled on about the look of the box!? Seriously, I was impressed.

As I made my way through the contents of the box, I realized that she had tailored this one specifically for me. Every single thing was hand-picked to reflect my style and personality. Now, I know this won’t be a regular occurrence, because once she has launched, the boxes will likely be themed according to the season, but I really appreciated the time she took to curate items that would excite me to give me an inside look on her new venture.

I received a notepad for my to-do list after coffee from Classy Card Creative, a lovely scented soap from Savonnerie des Diligences, an adulting award for drinking all the coffee from Adulting For The Win, and a cute coffee maker card from Badger & Burke to name a few. Have you picked up on the theme yet? Yup. You’ve guessed it. My box was All About the Beans. Apparently, I do an outstanding job of letting people know that I’m a lover of the bean. Sorry, not sorry.

You can see the detailed list of items I’ve received here. 

Today, my friend goes live with her lovely new venture. She has put in so much time and energy to curate kindness through stationery, and I am thrilled that she will be making this available across Canada. Little by little, she’s keeping pen and paper alive and reminding us that some of the most thoughtful gifts are simple words.

Now, excuse me, I have a package to wrap up and send to a very dear friend.

The very first box will be shipping in early October, and you can save yourself the shipping cost if you use the code: CONNEXIONISTA at checkout. Pre-orders start today! Oh, and I asked Anick for a special offer for my people because you’re all awesome, and you’re totally worth it!

check out the box and write on!


The Original Connexionista and lover of the bean.

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