You know I’ve said it a time or two. The thoughts are usually accompanied by some horrific picture of my double chin or muffin top fully exposed. I’m sure it comes across as some hilarious caption to an unflattering photo, but the truth is, I believe it. I think Strongman is a sexy sport. But probably not for the reasons you think.

When I’m training, I’m focused and determined. I have a goal in mind, and the only way to achieve it is to work for it. One more rep. One more run. One more lift. It’s not always easy and comes with a hefty price. I risk getting hurt. I usually walk away with a bruise or two. Often there are tears because I fear that I’m not reaching my full potential. It’s a gruelling process, and it requires grit to persevere and accomplish the task at hand. So, when I tell you that I believe that Strongman is a sexy sport, I’m not saying that the physical task at hand is hot. The tiring late night sessions at the gym after a long day at work? The taping up of every body part that feels like it’s falling apart to work through your training? The go-getter attitude it takes to stay focused on every competition, every individual event, every single repetition? That’s the sh!t I’m talking about.

“Look for a lady who has her mind set and plans made. There is nothing sexier than a woman with ambition.”

We usually associate ‘sexy’ with something that is sexually attractive or exciting. And sure, a beautifully crafted body is tempting, and one would be crazy not to acknowledge its attractiveness, but I think we can all agree that looks fade. The perfect body won’t last forever. And there’s a much longer list of qualities that can give you an alluring edge. I believe it starts with ambition.

When you’re passionate about something, excited beyond measure about your craft, your studies, and yes, maybe even your sport, you’ll catch the right attention. Suddenly, the right people will appreciate you on an entirely different level. I’ve never felt too jealous of a woman whose physical attributes are perceived as better than mine. But I have felt envious of those who are driven.  The ones who are hustling to reach their objectives with confidence and grace.

When I’m lifting heavy things, I clench my jaw, close my eyes and make some pretty frightful faces. Sometimes, when the lift is more than I can handle, I tinkle. Yup. It’s happened. When I need to bend, jump or push, and my muffin top oozes out of my lifting belt, I know it’s a frightening sight to see. But the ambition to flip that tire one more time is sexy. The drive to press that log for a PR weight is sexy. The focus required to hold on to that Hussafel stone for a few more steps is sexy. And I’ll throw anyone who disagrees up on my back and run with them across the finish line because my yoke technique is impeccable.

Now, tell me what makes you intriguing? 




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