Oh, hey! I’m Allison. I live in Kingston, Ontario with my husband, Mitchell, and our two kiddos, Isla and Georgia.

I have a background in journalism, social media, graphic design and web. I’ve worked in magazine publishing, marketing, public relations and communications. In 2017, I launched Fresh Voice Media, a company that provides creative marketing solutions for small businesses.

It’s certainly been a wild ride learning how to run a business while raising a young family, but I know I’m finally where I’m supposed to be, and it feels really great.

With that said, I have slight workaholic tendencies, so it’s more important to me than ever to do work that I absolutely love while taking care of my family and myself.

When things get super busy, I tend to skip out on exercise and sleep. Why Internet? WHY? It’s this negative pattern that I’m working on ditching, and I’ll probably write about it.

When I’m not working, dancing with my family, drinking #allthebeans, or trying to love extra-dark chocolate, I’m a hardcore thrifter. I’m lucky to live in a community that has some amazing thrift stores! There’s nothing more exciting than finding a gem for $2. It’s my unofficial goal to have a complete wardrobe of thrift-only items (save unmentionables), so I’ll probably write about that too.

I love the Connexionista mission of connecting you to the people, places and things we love, because there’s nothing more important than making true connections with others. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and reading yours, too.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” – Oscar Wilde.

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