Hi, I’m a Momma to two very strong-willed (but loveable) kiddos that remind me daily that there is wonder around if I’m willing to look for it. Caffeine is my creativity fuel, and a glass of wine and great conversation with a friend is one of the best ways I unwind. When I’m not elbow deep in glitter and glue or at the local park determined to burn my kiddos energy reserves, I can be found with a camera in my hand exploring all of what Ottawa has to offer.

I’m on a bit of a self-care journey right now. Finally taking the time to reflect on what else I want from my life outside of raising my beautiful children with my amazing hubby. When my kids were very young, I let motherhood overwhelm me and overthrow me. Then I approached burnout, and I knew it was time to make a change. Slowly I have made small changes that have made a big impact in how I feel. I’m still working on not feeling ‘mom guilt’ every time I do something for me and being kinder to myself overall. The improvements and life hacks I’ve discovered thus far have been invaluable. I’m convinced that balance exists even if I haven’t quite nailed it down yet.

Artistic work lights my soul on fire, so I’m a photographer when I’m not in ‘mom zone.’ I feel very connected to fine art portraiture. I love collaborating with people and getting to know their story. My favourite sessions are when I get to highlight a person’s interests and individuality. I’ve always had a strong desire to empower people and photography is a great outlet for that.

I chose to collaborate on this blog because of the amazing, vibrant women that I’m so lucky to share this space with but also because my self-discovery has led me to live with more vulnerability. It’s been one of the most stressful and terrifying experiences living outside my comfort zone but also the most rewarding. I wear my comfort zone now like my favourite pair of worn-in jeans; reserved for hard days or moments when I need to regroup but otherwise tucked away.

Through small daily acts of living vulnerably, I’m inching closer and closer to the woman I want to be.

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