I am Diana. I am a chronic adventurer. I have a thing for colour and seeing a little bit of beauty in everything. I desire more than just the status quo and cannot seem to find it within myself to settle. This blog will be my outlet, narrating snippets of my journey.

I am a huge believer in finding fun wherever you go. Even if that somewhere is home and that fun is actually more like comfort. For me, however, it is usually in the form of exploring, and constantly seeking the next adventure [big or small].

Keeping it real here: I consider myself to be inherently lazy, though few, if any would describe me as such. I believe my fear of remaining stagnant, missing out on experiences or living an unlived life contribute to this. I find myself drawn to honesty and what honestly makes people who they are. Travel nurtures this.

I have years behind me in the design industry and have built my companies from the ground up, having not only business in my educational and professional arsenal, but lo and behold, it’s actually in my blood! With experience not solely limited to design, I was immersed in the world of business at a young age, working for a fast-paced family enterprise. Summers were spent playing among (and eventually, scrubbing and cleaning) school buses, mentored by my Dad and learning the ropes of what it truly meant to be an entrepreneur. The highs, the many more lows, the endless opportunities – as long as you are willing to seek them and follow through.

Please enjoy these chronicles of a small town girl, in a pretty small city, with grand aspirations. And a big honkin’ pile of curiosity.

And finally, a quote that changed the course of my life as I knew it: “Feel the fear, do it anyways.”

I hope perhaps it changes yours, too.

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