HANNAHHi there,  I’m Hannah. A mildly neurotic idealist with a face from 1850 and messy bun circa 1999.

I have a healthy sense of humor about my myself; which is important when one often ends up wearing a piece of one’s dinner.

Depending on the day, I wear the hats of actor, singer, home organizer and human person. I’m currently residing in Brooklyn.

Self-care is my jam. I’m passionate about helping people finds ways to improve their lives through their daily actions (mediation, positive self talk, etc). I believe the more we can care for ourselves, the greater capacity we have to care for others.

Since my recent return to New York, I have enjoyed organizing clients’ apartments, auditioning for acting roles and exploring the city with new and old friends alike.

My friends refuse to go grocery shopping with me. They lovingly tease I make too many friends in public places. And honestly, they’re not wrong. But also, try it. I have met many a beautiful soul while choosing the right olives or waiting for the train.

Cooking gives me great joy! Bucatini carbonara is my fav meal to make. Royally failing at creating a decent yellow curry – I would appreciate any recipes recs!

I’m seriously missing those California avocados but I’m truly grateful to be back in the land of pizza and bagels!

Every chance I get, I’m trying to make my nephews laugh or exploring a yummy restaurant with friends. My friends, family, and curly haired dog, Millie monster, are the heartbeat of my life.

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