KARINE Hi! My name is Karine. A few years ago I decided to tackle my master plan of launching a networking community for women. I created the PLS Mantra which focused on connecting women through Professional, Lifestyle, and Social events, thus pleasing everyone with an array of monthly events.

But do you know what happens when you try to please everyone? Yup. You know it. You end up sacrificing a lot of what makes you happy.

After a couple of years of what seemed like a failed attempt to make it a successful go, I decided I needed to walk away and focus on other areas of my life. I kicked the project over to a colleague, but I held on to Connexionista. The nickname was given to me by the fantastic community of women who supported my venture, and I suppose part of me couldn’t let it go.

Fast forward almost five years later. I’m older, wiser, more in tune with what it is I want out of life. So here I am. Going back to my roots to connect you to the people, places and things I love.

Recently, I left a corporate role in digital communications. Now, I’m helping small businesses realize their goals and look better online. All from the comfort of my home office or the Big Catch Communications studio where I work as a writer and editor for the local publication, Perch and a Content Strategist for bigger BCC projects. I’m a big advocate for the small business hustle, and I do everything possible to support people who are pursuing what sets their souls on fire.

In my spare time, I’m lifting heavy things to prep for a future Strongman competition, or I’m sipping on the bean planning my next adventure. Big or small, I believe that there is goodness found in even the smallest treks. I’m forever growing, learning, and making mistakes. It’s part of life, and I’m finally in a place where I’m embracing it. I have been married for nearly 13 years to a man who promised to make me his world. And while I’m not easy to love, Chad has kept his promise. Blue and Duke are the furry friends you’ll see me posting about on my IG feed, and occasionally I like to plan a girls night to dance my little heart away. I’m a closet hopeless romantic, a lady but with the mouth of a sailor, and I’m convinced coffee give me superpowers.

This blog is my passion project.

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