I love the Internet. Give me a cell phone with the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter apps, and I’ll get lost for four hours (#jokingnotjoking). Do you need to know the full (and rather brief) discography of Sugar Jones? Look it up. Do you need to find out what a burst ear drum looks like (I had no idea and I’m 35)? Look it up. Do you need to understand how Keyboard Cat came to be? You do. Look it up. In fact, the first time I spoke to my boyfriend-now-husband was on ICQ (I hyperlinked that for you sweet, young things). We were in high school in the early 2000s, okay? So, basically, without the Internet, my children’s lives would never have been realized. I know, slightly dramatic. And, as much as I love the instantaneous pleasure of finding an answer several seconds after asking a question, the Internet, of…