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Strongman is a Sexy Sport

You know I’ve said it a time or two. The thoughts are usually accompanied by some horrific picture of my double chin or muffin top fully exposed. I’m sure it comes across as some hilarious caption to an unflattering photo, but the truth is, I believe it. I think Strongman is a sexy sport. But probably not for the reasons

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3 Reasons I’m Ready for a Home Gym

I never thought this day would come. Seriously. I’m a big fan of training in a space where other likeminded folks are working towards their goals, but over the last few months, it was becoming more and more evident that a good home gym space might be the ticket to reaching my own. It’s not a perfect space, but it

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Your WCW is awesome, but…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received messages from women who want to come and train with me. Seriously. It happens all of the time. I’m always thrilled when someone tells me that they’ve been creeping my profile watching my lifts, but the reality is that it rarely turns into an opportunity to have a new training partner. The

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