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Hate Running Your Business Right Now? Get Real About What’s Not Working–and Get Back to Loving Your Business!

You don’t have to waste even one more minute feeling miserable about your business (or your life)…

Let’s talk…

Are you tired of toiling away for hours on tasks and strategies that don’t seem to pan out–and worse, suck the energy right out of you?

Do you feel like you have no time (or mental capacity) to do what you really want to do, because you spend so much time dealing with what you “have to” do?

Are you fed up with working with less-than-ideal clients who don’t respect you just because you “need the money”?

Do your current packages and programs exhaust you rather than excite you?

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud on social media because you’re doing and saying things that aren’t totally aligned (most likely because someone else told you what you should feel and say)?

And, above all: Do you feel drained, bored and–let’s just put it out there–trapped by your own business?

If any or all of this sounds familiar, you are SO not alone.

There are OODLES of entrepreneurs and services-based business owners all around the globe struggling with a general lack of joy and fulfillment in their businesses. 

Even though your business might have started as a pathway to your dream lifestyle and doing the work you love, it can easily turn into a nightmare if you’re not careful. Imagine…

  • Demanding clients that don’t take no for an answer. 
  • Packages and services that don’t feel quite right (but you continue to deliver them anyway). 
  • Tasks that take up too much time–and energy.

Over time, any or all of the above can zap your energy, joy and happiness–and literally make you dread running your own business.


Anytime you let a client reschedule yet another call at the last minute…

Or put out yet another social media post that doesn’t feel quite like you…

Or let yet another new client book that one package off your website that you really meant to take down months ago (because, shoot, you could use the money)…

You’re Creating Yet Another Reason to Hate Being Your Own Boss (Even Though You Desperately Wanted It!)

But, there IS some good news.

Whether you’re in a pattern of letting clients–not to mention and friends and family–overstep your boundaries, cut corners and put you in a pinch…

Or you literally dread waking up to work on your biz and delivering on your services and packages….

Or you just aren’t loving running your own business like you thought you would…

One thing is for sure:

You CAN Change Toxic Patterns and Behaviors–and Get Back to Loving Your Business!


It’s possible to trim your to-do list so it’s packed with tasks you love–and not stuff you’d rather not even think about (let alone actually do).

It’s possible to set firm boundaries and teach others to treat you with dignity and respect (and maybe even stop showing up crazy-late to appointments).

It’s possible to start feeling grateful for your clients, the packages and services you deliver and the whole #entrepreneurlife enchilada–all over again. Yep. There is a solution–and it all starts inside your mind!


Mindset Reset

A 4 week online workshop!

This online workshop will guide you through meeting your authentic self, getting past harmful habits, and pushing the reset button on your business (and ultimately, your life). By taking a quick pause to re-assess a few things and get your mindset right, Mindset Reset will help you finally start to love being your own boss again!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get past self-defeating habits like procrastination–even if you’ve never been able to get past them before.
  • Make a commitment to changing what isn’t working for you–and this time, finding what really does.
  • Determine what’s toxic in your business, your relationships and your own mindset–and what you need to ditch, delegate or simply look at differently.
  • Gain more emotional energy to deal with everything in business and life (and physical energy if you want it, too!).
  • Do more with your business–while simultaneously taking more time for yourself.
  • Experience a massive uptick in gratitude, joy and fulfillment from your business–even if you right now you can’t think of a single reason to stay self-employed.

Sign up for only $47 + HST

Honestly: What if You Could Be Excited About Working for Yourself Again?

Business is business–and it’ll always have its up and downs. But no business owner should go through life hating the very thing they created.

Once you get rid of everything that’s not working and get grateful for what is, everything changes.

Just imagine…

  • Waking up with a fire in your heart and a feeling of true purpose
  • Loving your clients, your packages and services and (almost) everything on your to-do list
  • Never feeling like you have to fake it ever again–because you’re finally aligned and being your true self online (and people are loving it!)

This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky dream. It’s a very do-able reality. And with just a little reset of your mindset in a few key areas of your biz, it can be yours.

If you follow the modules in this online workshop and implement this information, I know without a doubt you’ll start to feel less burnt out and overwhelmed and more fulfilled, joyful and grateful for your business–and life.

So tell me: Are you ready to reset your mindset?

I thought so.

P.S. This online workshop is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better, more satisfying business, simply email me for a fast, courteous refund. No joke!

Sign up for only $47 + hst!

Fun starts September 8th-October 6th! Limited to 25 participants!

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