ROUTINE REBOOT- September is bittersweet

The fact that it’s already September is mind-boggling. I had so many personal goals and plans that had to be put aside this summer. It was more important that my kids summer was fun and the only time I could complete anything was if they were immersed in a show or game and I couldn’t handle the guilt of them being tech zombies. I completely underestimated just how much them being home full-time would affect my ability to complete tasks. The distraction alone thwarted progress.

My kids must have set a world record for how many times a person’s name can be spoken in one day. The more I tried to work on something the more they insisted they needed me. It was a clear sign that things weren’t jiving like I’d anticipated they would.

There were fun moments paired with frustrating moments as we tried to figure out how this new routine would work. I tried to balance family, work, self-care and a clean house like I did when the kids were in school. That was a huge overestimate on my part. I chuckled as I wrote clean and house side by side. Does such a thing even exist with two kids under six?

My self-care routine all but went out the window and then combusted into a sooted ash mess within the first week. The self-care groove I had started before school was finished just couldn’t be maintained. Honestly, I was just so tired after each day paired with some back issues that I didn’t have the effort in me to do it. It was the absolute worst time to give it up, but c’est la vie, and here we are.

But hey silver lining my kids were happy! We’ve had a great summer together, and it’s back to school time! And here I am coming back from the depths of imbalance with the glimmering realization that I have free time again to dive back into ALL the things I’ve been itching to do. The kids are only going to be little for so long; I have to remind myself this time is fleeting. I put my time in where it counted this summer even if it put me behind on my other goals. I have plans, BIG plans but no plans will ever trump them, so I’m okay with the choices that led me here. And I’ve learned a lot from this summer. Like summer camp WILL happen next year. It won’t be every week, but it will be some weeks so I can better balance this chunk of time that they are off.

We spent the summer at the cottage, visiting friends, spending time at my parents beautiful country home, birthday parties and little day trips here and there. We also got to participate in a lot of events for my brother’s wedding that just happened this past weekend! The summer went by surprisingly fast considering the struggle to try and do everything and as sad as I am to see that Fall is almost here I’m also very relieved. Our lives are way more balanced again, and we’re all feeling the relief.

I have lots of self-care ideas that I’ll be implementing in the next coming weeks, and I’m very excited to share my progress with you all.


How has your summer been? Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Are you settling back into your routine? I’d love to know I’m not alone!

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