Why You NEED to Send a Customized Card This Holiday Season

I know it feels too early even to be thinking about holiday cards, but trust me, the next month and a half is going to sneak right by us. Before we know it, it’ll be December 8, and we’ll decide to skip the holiday card this year because we don’t have time to put something together to arrive before the holidays are over. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to get your holiday cards ready.


It’s an excellent opportunity to subtly remind your friends, family, colleagues and customers of your existence. There is no easier way to remain top of mind than sending them warm wishes this season with a card tailored with your branding. This is especially true for those contacts you don’t get a chance to see very often. It’s also a great way for families to keep in touch with loved ones far away.

You can say thank you

Forgot to thank someone for making a significant introduction or for helping you out on a project? A quick handwritten note inside your custom card is a quick and easy way to give thanks.

It’ll make your mom happy

Not only will she be tickled to receive a card this holiday season, but she will be thrilled when she hears from her friends and family when they too get a card from you.

Do you send holiday cards? Be honest, how much do you enjoy opening your mailbox in December and seeing something other than bills and junk mail? Share that excitement with others; Creating a custom card is easy these days, there are plenty of online services that allow you to use a template and simply drop in your own photo. You can even change up the greeting inside. If you don’t have the time to design them yourself, give your local designer a call for a quote, or drop me an email at getnoticedvc@gmail.com for pricing.

You can learn more about Get Noticed Visual Communications HERE

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