Small Business &
Personal Brand Strategies

Hi! I’m Karine!

I’m a small business strategist focused on personal branding and custom solutions for owners, creatives and makers. I basically help people build a plan to reach their goals and look good online, and I’m really good at it.

You’re probably really good at doing whatever it is you do too, but some days I’m sure the struggle is real. You spend so much time working IN your business that you don’t always have time to work ON your business making it difficult to complete the to-do list you inevitably re-write from week to week.

When we work together, your focus becomes more clear. Your message becomes easy to communicate with your audience, and your to-do list becomes easier to manage. I help you position yourself as the expert in your area of work making you the go-to choice when someone is looking for your product or service.

Not sure I’m the right fit to help you grow your business and make more money? Here are a few interesting tidbits about me that might help you book a call:
  • I've been working with owners, creatives and makers for nearly a decade. Gah! That makes me sound so old!
  • I'm a serious advocate for small business and try to support local as much as possible.
  • I've hosted more workshops than I can count on social media, personal branding and business planning.
  • I've travelled from San Diego to New York City and all across Ontario and Quebec for various conferences and events focused on social media and digital marketing. I've learned a lot of stuff about online presence.
  • I worked for nearly five years in digital communications for one of the top natural supplements company in Canada.
  • I have a coaching certification and apply this approach to every client strategy.
  • I used to run a studio for entrepreneurs who needed a space to get creative, focus and collaborate.
  • I tell it like it is and won't shy away from spittin' truths your way.
  • I'm a Strongman competitor. Lifting heavy things, like the burden currently sitting on your shoulders, is kind of my jam.
  • I drink ridiculous amounts of coffee and would really enjoy having a cup with you.

Am I starting to pique your interest? Good!
Here are a few ways we can work together:

Strategy Sessions

If you’re stuck and not sure what the next steps are to grow your business, a strategy session is a great start. This 3-hour session is about focusing on setting measurable goals that will help you reach your small business objectives.  I’ll make sure to connect you to all of the resources I have to execute your plan, and I’ll help you clear the brain clutter that comes along with that entrepreneurial spirit of yours. Your ideas are fabulous, but sometimes fine-tuning the details can set you apart from your competition. You’ll get a full recap from me after our meeting and a follow-up call a month later to see how you’re progressing. 

Coaching Program

If you’re launching a new business or need more ongoing support in your current endeavours, my coaching program is for you. When a strategy session isn’t enough,  I become an extension of your team for a minimum of 3-months, and we focus on positioning you as the expert in your field. Monthly strategy sessions are included along with weekly check-ins to make sure you’re staying on top of your game. I’m just a ping away when you need questions answered and readily available for a quick chat over the phone when messaging isn’t enough to share your questions or concerns.

Social Photography

If you need a library of images to share on your social feed, I’m your gal. We’ll spend just over an hour taking all kinds of action shots and product images that will help you tell your brand story. I’ll walk you through best practices of sharing on social to make sure you maximize your investment. I know full well that what you share only lasts a few moments on your feed, so I make it easy and affordable.  You may not be a wizard with cool angles and crisp edits, but I am.

Think you're ready to talk?

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